Our mission is 3-fold:

First -  find, roast, and share some of the best tasting coffees the world has to offer. We work with coffee shops, restaurants, offices, churches and others interested in being supplied with consistently great coffee. We offer coffees that are reasonably priced, within the budget of most serious coffee drinkers and coffee shops.

Second - we support coffee farms that use sustainable coffee growing methods.

Third - we look for opportunities to give back to both the local community and the coffee community. We are grateful to both for helping us to grow and thrive.

Wholesale Coffee Prices

We are happy to provide our wholesale coffee prices to you. As a small-batch roaster of high quality coffee, we want to see as many people enjoy our coffee as have mugs to drink it from.

HOW DO YOU GET WHOLESALE PRICING? Quantity discounts are built in to the product pricing right here on the website. We offer price discounts at the 5 pound and 20 pound levels, and free shipping with the purchase of 40 pounds or more.

WHY BUY FROM US? We want to supply excellent coffee and provide top-notch service, and believe the old-fashioned approach of getting to know our wholesale customers works best. We understand the importance to a coffee shop or restaurant of assuring a consistently great tasting product, delivered on time. And many offices and churches that already own their own coffee makers enjoy our ground coffee.  Give us a call at (229) 242-1979. We are located in Valdosta, Georgia and serve Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and many states across the U.S. .